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So I managed to get all my little adapter pieces, got to the bar by 7:15pm, and started testing and assembling things.

I got it all put together, fired everything up, and three things are happening:
  1. While my stage monitor is looking, well, at least reasonable, the rest of the bar looks terrible. I assume there's now enough signal degradation to require a video amp.

  2. The DVD portion of the new player just doesn't work. No appreciable reason why, except infant mortality. I've gotta look at that later, but it's of less importance than

  3. The projector doesn't seem to be taking any kind of input. I've tried another video source than the non-functioning combo player without much luck. Of course it might not be working either - it's the video out of my laptop, which I've never used before.
So I'll be spending yet more time here later tonight.

I'm just hoping that the connector didn't break off in the projector when the projector came loose from the ceiling.


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