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Many Little Things

After a 3 day period, the mail yesterday was actually pretty, ummm, packed. It included a payment for an auction (yay!), the new case and car charger for my phone (yay!), no bills (yay!), and a returned lamp (boo!). The lamp's still sitting in my room - I've gotta see what he returned before I refund his money...

I got the money order to the bank, and then shopped around at Fry's for Yet More Bar Stuff™.

I'm trying to cheaply solve the ground loop problem through the video system. The "recommended" cheap way is to use a pair of 75&Omega to 300&Omega adapters back-to-back, so long as you get at least one that doesn't provide a straight-through ground path.

This tricky bit being that last requirement, since "lack of connected ground" isn't something that's listed on the blister pack, and the aforementioned blister pack makes it tricky to attach an ohmmeter.

So I bought a bunch of little $1.50 doodads, and brought them home to check. It looks like I'll be able to use all of the pieces I've got, and I now know what to go back and get. So, with any luck, tonight I'll be able to get the full system working.

Including an in-booth monitor. Someone once gave me a couple of small antique B&W televisions, and if one of them works, it's going to be in the booth. I normally don't need one, but someone in Nemesis thought it would be a good idea, so why not?

Anyway. I came home from Nerdvana, picked up timenchanter and his spaghetti casserole, then headed to the Hamptons.

It was a fairly full house this time, including a definite level of eye candy from the lovely princesskiti22, wissavix, and misswong77. I won't list otherwise, except to note that trivialt wasn't there.

We hung out, watched videos, played madlibs (mostly obscene), I ate way too much, and got a little drunk off of Campari. A normal evening, on the whole.

Timmie and I left a little before midnight. I fiddled around until maybe 1:00am, then slept.

And slept. And slept some more. What finally just got me out of bed was a potential house buyer ringing the doorbell.

On the agenda today: Returning my old phone, grabbing the TVs out of the garage, and finishing off the equipment list at Fry's. Then what looks like a really good show. Keri's going to be there, for one thing.

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