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Parties and Ladders

I finally left timenchanter in charge of waiting for Mena (which is like waiting for Godot, except you might actually get some benefit from Godot), and did a quick run out to OSH for some extra-long screws and a drill bit to match.

Then we packed up and headed to Sonoma Chicken Coop to meet Eddie and the rest of the party. In the end there were 11 of us, and we had a lot of fun joking around and mugging for various cameras.

From there we walked over to Splash, had a few more people show up, and, well, continued the process, only with alcohol instead of food.

I haven't been there on Tuesdays for a while. They've got a new KJ (Ken) working with mr_seed now. After a couple of hours listening to his sound work, I gotta say: He sucks wild donkey dick.

I mean, the system they use has never been particularly good, but he proved that you can always take a bad situation and make it worse.

But hey, what can ya do? I got to see valerie_sparks, who seemed both happier and more relaxed than usual. This "engaged" thing appears to be working for her.

Around 11:30pm or so (sadly, shortly before supersniffles got there), Timmie and I took off. His back was still hurting him, and I wanted to go back to do battle with KoC.

I dropped him off at home, and showed up at the bar just as they were starting to close down. It was pretty dead when I got there, but apparently there'd been 17 customers that night. Paula was pretty excited.

I got my tools, and the friggin' ladder, and went back to work. The place I've been using is right next to a vent, and one can see the ceiling composition right there: Three layers of something that once resembled gypsum board, overlaid by a pressed wood crossbar.

My 3" screws were just long enough to reach the crossbar. One of them held, but the other stripped.

I refused to accept defeat. As part of a previous brainstorm, I'd bought some threaded rod. By a miracle, Paula had hex nuts that fit the threading. So I removed the vent cover, drilled all the way through, screwed the rod up and through (using the drill), then clamped the damn thing from both sides.

It'll take some effort to bring it down this time.

It's now positioned, and tightened in place. We'll see what they do to it Friday, but at least Thursday I'll have the damn thing working.

I would have mounted a TV I brought (for the pool room), but she'd forgotten to bring the wall mount. So there's a TV sitting in the DJ booth. I almost killed myself getting it there: The dogs were roaming around by that point, and I tripped on Ashley. I think I prefer her nervously barking.

She looked up like "Hmmm? Did something happen?" Meanwhile, my right ankle still hurts...

But a lot less than last night.

Right now, I think I'll go back to sleep, 'cause I can.

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