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Back to Abnormal

I got all my stuff for mounting the projector yesterday, packed up timenchanter, headed to the bar, and discovered that my plan wouldn't work, for reasons too long-winded for even me to go into...

So I need to go grab a few more items, and try again. Home improvement tasks never seem to end around place.

The show was, on the whole, fairly standard for a Monday night. blankreloaded showed up for a bit, but didn't drink, since he had to head on off to work. It's Eddie's birthday today, so we toasted him at midnight. trivialt didn't show. lucydogstringer had me order another disc (I think I'm becoming his karaoke equivalent for drunken eBaying). I believe those were the unusual parts.

Due to fiddling with the projector, I didn't get ready to go until about 8:30, and had 9 people in the rotation almost immediately. It pretty much stayed that way until I ended the show at 1:30, at the end of, I believe, the 7th round.

Timmie and I went and grabbed some food at Mini Gourmet, then did the sleep thing.

Today I managed to be somewhat productive. I was actually dressed around noon, got myself to look at my (shudder) bank account, then ran out and mailed off my car insurance bill, then paid the water bill in cash.

Then home, where I met with yet another real estate agent. This one claims to be semi-retained by the mortgage company (which is apparently now Countrywide??!?), thinks he can handle the whole prior lien situation, and get a short sale done. We'll see. I've signed all of his forms, anyway.

If this works, I'll (a) not have the foreclosure on my record, and (b) have to move out of here pronto. Finally.

Mena just messaged me asking if I had any mail for her. I told her I'd be glad to trade for my computer, to which she agreed with the alacrity that only comes from having it on hand...

So I'm waiting for that, hoping to fit in a little shopping, then heading off to Eddie's dinner.

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