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Starting Again

Last night ended up pretty well - we had a very large, if not huge crowd, the fire dancers were impressive, and I got reasonably drunk and hung out with friends.

k_turns_blue showed up, and after some dithering, decided to come in and hang out. It was nice to see her - it's been some time.

timenchanter decided that he wanted to eat something, so we left while the crews were still tearing down, and tried to find a coffeeshop with available parking. After a couple of false starts, that turned out to be the Cardinal.

Timmie busied himself with eggs Blackstone. I was feeling kinda queasy at that point (I wonder why...), but found I could keep some soup down.

Then home, and sleep. Then back up around noonish to clean up, then pick up yammylee and Chris. That went off with surprisingly few hitches. Apart from Lee not knowing my phone number, and having to relay through Timmie...

Timmie just fed my a very nice lunch of Chicken Alfredo, and I'm about to head off to OSH. I have the next idea for anchoring the projector, and need to get the parts. Hopefully I can do it rapidly enough tonight to have the projector going for the show.

And hopefully this method will stay up. Whatever that ceiling material is, it's not normal gypsum board.

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