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More Home Improvement

I got myself out of the house around 6:00pm yesterday - rather later than I'd hoped, but not too bad.

I fortunately called Paula, because it turned out she was still home - neither sugarbare nor her father had called, so she hadn't gone to the bar early.

I had a little time to kill, so I headed to Circuit City to see what they had in ground loop isolators. They did have one, though I can't say I was thrilled.

From my research, there are several of these on the market, mostly aimed at car sound systems. Some of them are quite cheap (I can get one at Radio Shack for about $16.00). Some of them extend more into the $50 range. The difference is fairly easy to discern: The cheap ones are built "To exacting standards - accept no substitutes", while the expensive ones tell you their frequency response.

Anyway. Me and my McDonald's takeout got to the bar a little after 7:00pm. I helped Paula carry in some supplies, then would have started on the shelf, except we found out that she only had one shelf bracket, not two.

On top of that, she mentioned that the projector turns out to be on a breaker she shuts off every night, and so comes back on automatically when she flips it on. We talked a bit about the legality of extension cords, and discussed one that was unused and already run around the back of the bar. The fire marshal is apparently OK with that, so while she went off to shop for shelf brackets, I got back on the friggin' ladder and rerouted the projector power to the booth.

Which means the hum is now acceptable. Not great, necessarily, but acceptable. I still have some things I want to do about that, but they can wait.

The five people in the bar therefore got to see and hear about half of Barbarella on all TVs, at least while they weren't hearing me cutting the shelving.

Paula got back with the brackets, and I put the thing up. Not too badly, either, given the only measuring tool I was using was a level.

So the shelf's up, the player is in place, the cabling's in place, the sound isn't too bad, and Paula has been educated on how to turn the projector on and off. The only thing that makes me nervous is that, since it needs to be used, the projector remote is on the shelf in the DJ booth. Who knows how long it'll last...

Since I'm on a roll, I told Paula I'd be back this afternoon to remount the TV bracket by the front door - we have a new TV for that. In fact, we have several new TVs, and I want to get most of them set up.

I left the bar around 10:30pm, just as Wayne and the main crowd started to come in. I was feeling out of sorts, so I did the natural thing and headed to Carrows to overeat. Something deep fried, fatty, but not covered in chocolate. In the process I discovered that my modem software wouldn't work on the new phone. Fortunately my table was near a piratable signal, so I used that to download and install the new version of the software, which not only supports the new phone, but appears to be quite a bit more stable. It also seemed to be running faster, but that would be too much to ask for.

Then I drove home, decided in the driveway that I didn't want to be home (for one thing, my car's warmer), so I took a drive up through the yuppie development off of Yerba Buena, then the yuppie development on Communications Hill. They both have nice views.

Then home, some talking with timenchanter, who got home shortly after me, a lot more fiddling on the net, then sleep.

And now I'm awake again, and ready to go play with power tools at the bar. This should be fun - the Nemesis crew is starting around 2:00pm, and they're going to be doing quite a lot to the place.

This'll be the first time I've gone to New Year's at the bar without dressing up, but then, it's also the first year I'll be going without any form of female companionship. Woe is me, etc, etc.

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