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Bit of a Breather

I slightly surprised myself last night by making it back to the bar. When I left the house, timenchanter was muttering something that seemed to include the word "insane"...

OK, maybe "muttering" isn't the right word.

I grabbed some food at Carl's, and just missed saying goodnight to hektikat as she ran past the car, solely because I was stuffing the last bit of burger in my mouth. The price of gluttony.

From all appearances, and what I overheard, last night was yet another successful Nemesis night. They seem to be doing something right. For the first time since I've been working there, the bar actually has reasonably profitable Friday nights.

Meanwhile Paula has somewhat rearranged the bar in order to make room for some new equipment. A wine cooler - and I think the microwave's new. She's also meeting this afternoon with sugarbare's dad for work on the electrical system, and more planning about getting a new heater put in. He finally convinced her to just trash the old ones, and all she has to do now is get another loan at the bank of Wayne...

There also may be some preliminary construction on stuff for New Year's, though a lot of that will be taking place tomorrow. They've apparently built a giant arch of TVs for the front corridor, and their technical guy has a plan for getting them powered without blowing out the breakers.

They truly are going all-out on this. We'll see how it works.

Anyway. While I remembered to bring my saw, there was a bit of a misunderstanding with Paula about who was bringing the shelving, so I just tested out the wiring.

On the positive side, I got everything to work - Karaoke signal and DVD/VCR signal to all TVs, with a minimal amount of video hum, and even sound from the player into the main sound system.

That last with atrocious audio hum. Not too surprisingly, the worst of it is being fed back through the player from the projector, though of course there's some from the coax distribution to the other TVs, as well.

For the short run, everything's reasonably acceptable, so long as we don't have the sound hooked up from the player. Since that's not an immediate necessity, I've got a little while to shop around for solutions. OK, I actually have a solution in mind. It just involves getting Paula to pay out another $150 or so, which may be a little tricky. Especially the part about not mentioning the $20 solution that'll degrade sound quality.

Since there was only so much to do, I got out of there by 3:00am, headed home, and crashed. I'm actually reasonably well rested right now, which is beginning to feel odd.

I need to get myself dressed, and head on down there for the shelf construction project. Whee!

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