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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

The projector screen was just delivered, despite having been ordered Tuesday night with the free "slow boat to china" shipping, at a total price 1/3 that of normal retail.

Have I ever mentioned that I rock at web shopping?

At least, I'm going to say that until it turns out to be a complete piece of crap.

Now all I need to do is figure out how I'm going to fit a 70" long box in my little car...

Current Location: HoD
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Why, you'd call Stanley of course...

A definitely possibility, m'dear.

I think I can do it, though. I just need to recline the passenger seat, and open the hatch to the trunk...

Well, actually, the opposite order, but the same general idea.

eh, whatever...


I'm gonna go get dressed now...
call if you need me.

you rock at web shopping. remind me to call you when i'm ready to do some web shopping. :)

Anytime at all, Beautiful One. :-)