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Pending Ultimata

First of all, yesterday's show was awesome. I'm not sure how to say it otherwise, except a lot of people showed up, and it was just, well, fun. Among other things, I got some cuddle time with twitchet, and got to see valeriesparks bent over my stool.

Sigh. Well, on to the not-so-happy stuff. justnate and stormmonkey finished the reinforcements to the dog run, and so far Llorona hasn't been able to get out.

She has managed to injure herself (Cuts and scratches), which might have to do with, oh, I don't know, abandonment issues?

To which Rachell's response has been to bring the engine of destruction back in. And abandoning it there.

The phrase "just doesn't get it" occurs. Anyway, what I'll probably be doing in the next couple of days is writing up the details of my last ultimatum. Essentially, a "3 loose animals and you're out" sorta thing.

I really hate being forced to be an asshole.

On the happier side, timenchanter and I are waiting for a table at Cheesecake Factory. We should be joined shortly by cekyr0, jeffercine, cmjfoxfyre, and Shawn.


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