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Ummmm... Oops?

I've been happily setting up the new phone, following the incredibly complicated procedure to transfer everything over (Backup old phone, install new S/W, restore to new phone. I mean, really, does it have to be this complicated?).

I got to the point that I wanted to just check out the email, so I tried to run that.

It couldn't connect to the data network. Visions of incompatibility ran through my head.

So I tried the built-in web app. That couldn't connect either. Did a setting not transfer?

In case it was a local network problem, I tried messaging timenchanter to see if he was having a similar problem. It wouldn't even send messages.

So I tried calling him. To be told that "Your account has been suspended for non-payment."


Fortunately, once I paid online, it reconnected rather quickly. The website still says my service is suspended, but everything now works, so it can say whatever it wants to.

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