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Losing... Momentum...

I didn't do too much Saturday, except get myself ready and off to Larry's Christmas party.

And I must say that Larry throws an impressively good party. Something I'd be in a much better position to enjoy if I weren't kind of partied out at this point.

Still, I had fun. There was quite a bit of nice eye candy, including sugarbare, who showed up in a quite nice velvet dress (don't take my word for it - spawrhawk has photographic evidence). I had a good talk with k_magic, who had some very good ideas for the website.

If I ever stop this insane round of partying, then I might even have the time to implement them.

I was starting to fall asleep around 10:30pm, so I waited until 11:00pm to make sure the last of the tequila was out of my system, and headed home.

Where I'm watching Robot Chicken, and getting ready to climb into bed.

There be shopping on the horizon for tomorrow.

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