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On the way to the show tonight, I was stopped behind an enormous, shiny Lincoln Town Car.

The license plate holder had a biblical reference, there were a couple of small, official-looking cross stickers, and the license plate itself read "BISHOP P".

When the light changed, the car sped off, faster than I could follow, weaving through traffic. If you've seen me drive, you'll know how impressive that is.

Now, I don't know if this was actually a bishop, or in what church if so. But somehow I strongly suspect this was actually a church official.

It just made me sad about humanity. I mean, were I Christian, and were I to actually to read Christ's teachings, I'd take one look at any member of the hierarchy living like this and say "Fuck this - I'm outta here. New church time for me."

I mean, trust me, this Town Car would be a heck of a lot harder to thread through the eye of a needle than a camel.

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