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Fun, Dammit, Fun!

I, well, mostly slept the day away Wednesday. I got up and dressed in time for timenchanter and I to go shopping for Dinner & Presents. We didn't do too bad, actually - though on the food side, getting sweets was perhaps not the best idea, because that's what pretty much everyone else did, too.

It was a wonderful Dinner &, as usual. princesskiti22 made it over the hill again, so how could it not be?

After snarfing out, we did the gift exchange, with most of us relatively happy with their acquisitions. I know I am.

Then we lazed on the couch and looked at photo slides for a while, followed by "Superman Returns", which I believe three of us hadn't seen.

This all was spent with Keri's legs across my lap, so I had not complaints whatsoever. And she has massaged legs and feet. Hopefully I didn't overdo it too much.

And now I'm home, and bloody sleepy again.

Anything to avoid confrontations with reality, it seems.

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