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Life, or a Reasonable Facsimile

I never made it to cybrenn's party last night. I just wasn't feeling all that good.

Actually, I didn't even make it to the bar until about 8:20pm. I can set up pretty fast under pressure, but starting by 8:00 just didn't seem practical at that point.

So I didn't get the show going until 8:55pm. Which wasn't really too bad of a problem. That's when more people than just myself, Eddie, Sarah, and Paul showed up.

It was a much busier night than I expected, considering the number of people out of commission from the Saturday party, and the number off at Ben's. This was in large part because of the number of, well, rare people that showed up - including the aforementioned Sarah and Paul.

kozmic_tar spent a little while, and hung out some with Bekki.

Curly Bob showed up with Katie in tow. I can't remember his handle right now...

Gretchen, Sara, Alicia, and the rest of what appeared to be a lesbian softball team spent most of the evening. Including a really cute girl named Tiffanie, who appears to be the latest mascot for the group.

Jenni, Paulina, Liz, and some of their attachments came in for nearly 3 hours.

Even trivialt showed up for a bit.

So I had a good time, the bar did reasonably well - less than usual for a Sunday, but reasonably well - and everyone seemed pretty happy. Cold, but happy.

I ran for about 7 rounds, finishing pretty much at 2:00am. Then lucydogstringer, Eddie, Andrew, and I did a Denny's run. It took me a while to get there, given I had to clean the friggin' ice off my windshield. I swear I'm supposed to be living in California...

Then home, and some "collapse in a heap" time. I woke up at about 10:30am to a message from timenchanter, asking if I was interested in some Thai food. That definitely started the day off well.

It also meant I was up and somewhat alert during a time I could be fairly productive.

I solved that problem by taking a long walk through the San Jose Japanese Friendship Garden. At least the exercise was useful. I also walked next door to the History Park, mostly to pay a visit to the Thing in the Blue House. The house is being renovated - all the windows have glass, and it's now yellow, instead. It'll be interesting when they have it finished.

There still was some chance of getting something done for the day, so I quickly decided to pay a visit to the Campbell Fry's. Not having money is actually kind of liberating when you're walking through that place...

I then made my way home, and promptly fell asleep. I'm now up, and ready to head off to the bar, with the feeling of accomplishment only professional procrastination can give you.

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