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Drunken Revelry

Not mine, this time.  I just had iced tea and water at the show tonight (Though Apple and Valerie claimed I was drunk when their song arrangement threw me for a loop - a longish and, looking at it, extremely boring story).  However, I'd have to say that this was the highest general level of drunkenness I've ever seen at the bar.

James actually fell down during his last song, and couldn't get up.  dancin_whitey's brother, well, just turned 21, and celebrated in the traditional manner, involving way too many shots and expulsion of stomach contents.  Matt himself didn't seem all that sober, which is probably why he kept phoning unbreak_able to complain that she wasn't there.  Which would have been reasonable, if he hadn't been the one to schedule her shift...

Darrell was there, and was, well, Darrell.

When Debbie did finally show up, she proceeded to get rather intoxicated herself.

The place looked like the aftermath of a minor war when everyone finally took off.

The thing is, it was still an extremely fun, laid-back night.  People may have been drunk, but they were all nice drunks.  Which works for me.  It was certainly the busiest Sunday night I've had in some time.  A few long lost people showed up - Effie&Tim were there, as was Daryl.

And while neither hollyk nor her twin Kate could make it, the third of the triplets, Miranda, showed up, and I was able to introduce myself to her...

Valerie (James' Valerie, as it were, to differentiate from "boobies") was nervous about doing "You Oughta Know" after so long. Heh. She got a standing ovation.

All I can say is, if you weren't there, you missed out on a particularly fun night.

So I'm sitting here at Carrows, looking at the remains of dinner, and relaxing happily.  Yay!

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