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Bruce [userpic]
Hydramatic Glide

timenchanter and I betook ourselves to the bar to see Club Hydra. It was pretty dead - which apparently has been the case fairly constantly - but a fun group, and some great music. I did some talking to thebatt and Mariah - who is an impressive photographer.

She has quite a portfolio - you can see some of it here.

Some of the future plans have been settled a bit more - and I need to send the evites out for the New Year's Eve party. After some minor printer problems, the tickets are finally available at the bar.

We left there about 1:00am, and went home to collapse for a bit. Unfortunately in my case, quite a bit. With a couple of minor breaks, I pretty much slept until about 5:00pm.

Bruce won't leave this up, but Mikey says hey... hey!

Ummm, yeah. Well, anyway - I obviously didn't get much done. But I did manage to print another book. I've got more discs coming, but I'm trying to get rid of the ones from June - they're getting kinda shabby.

Since I got started late, it took me quite a while to get to the bar - and then quite a number of people wanted to talk. Which is extremely good, but delayed me even more - I didn't start until about 8:50pm.

It's been a reasonably crowded night, though the rotation hasn't gone beyond 20, which is a very good thing. I'm in the middle of the 3rd round right now.

And the lovely princesskiti22 is here, cekyr0 and jeffercine are here, twitchet is here, and trivialt has made an appearance - what more does one need?

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Yes, that would have been nice - but then, the smoke curls so prettily out of your ears.

besides, with any luck, I'll be seeing your non-fuming form this evening. :-)

YAY! That's awesome *smirks*

So the backstory is when Bruce is KJ'ing I go up to his booth, say hi, and type something on his entry (since he's ALWAYS logged on)... Yay for him leaving it in! *impish grin*

Soon, I will take over the world!

That's something like the fourth time you've done it.

And I've left every single one of them in. I guess I'm a sucker for well-done graffiti...

I was gonna ask you if she had an LJ 'cause I thought she was cool!! (for some reason last night was the first time I actually met her.)

Is she not?

She's an old friend of Alex's from down in Orange County. She moved (back) up to the Capitola/Santa Cruz area recently.

Even more recently, she was convinced to move at least partially from the dark side (MySpace) to LJ. :-)