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System Maintenance as a Form of Procrastination

Neither timenchanter nor I made it to mr_seed's birthday party last night. Just didn't seem to work up the energy. Ah well.

Instead, we sort of hung out for a bit, then each headed off for some early sleep. Early, in my case, being a relative thing, but I did fall asleep by 3:00am.

Which meant I was awake enough to join Timmie for lunch at Vung Tau. Yummy stuff!

After lunch, I was actually awake and functioning, so I hung out at Fry's for a bit, and got myself a couple of 100-Base T cables, then walked through Oakridge mall - amazingly, without buying anything. I actually talked to one of the jewelry repair guys about polishing the crystal on my watch, who seriously told me it was impossible to polish glass crystals.

Centuries of lens-making gone! Just like that!

Then home, where I busied myself setting up an access point that Stuart and turn2nz let me have when they left the country. I now have a specific, 802.11g access point that only Timmie's laptop uses. If it still gets intermittent behavior after that, well, it officially sucks.

In fine Stuart fashion, there had been no firmware upgrades since he bought the product, which might explain some of the network behavior I had to deal with at their old house. As part of the installation, it went from version 2.4 to 3.2.

Which brings me to my other makework project: Version 2.0 of the firmware for my firewall/router is now available. There is, of course, no compatibility between the configuration data for 1.x and 2.0, so I'm going to have to start over from scratch.

And there are a lot of tweaks in that thing. So I actually spent about an hour saving configuration page screenshots. I'll probably perform the actual upgrade tomorrow, while Timmie's at work - no reason to bring everyone's data connection crashing down...

I actually might hesitate to do the upgrade (The fact that it's a ".0" version does make me nervous), but that thing has always been just flakey enough to be occasionally irritating. I have hope that the new version will actually be an improvement - all of their upgrades have been so far.

Anyway, that's been my day, full of excitement and adventure. I'm about to head out to the bar, because I've been meaning to see Club Hydra in action for weeks.

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