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Gliding On

Last night's show petered out a bit after the last post - in the end, I ran 6 rounds, and finished the show at 1:40am.

During that time, a new group showed up, looking awfully young (though I think that partially has to do with size). The two that sang were Jun and Chanda. Who started by aceing "My Prayer" while sitting down. It didn't get much less impressive from there.

They apparently had a good time, and will likely be back. It was slightly odd when Chanda came up and called me "Daddy," but I suppose I can deal with that...

lucydogstringer had a sudden hankering for a particular song, so I found a few discs that had it. He found one he liked, and paid me to buy it - so yet another disc is on its way.

After closing down, as well as a bit of discussion with Paula and Eddie, I headed over to join the Denny's party, already in progress. I ended up having a rather substantial meal of leftovers - the only advantage I've seen so far to their giant breakfasts of doom.

Then home, and a bit of sleep. And a huge amount of procrastination. I'm not really sure where most of the afternoon went. A UPS truck parked in front of the driveway at one point, but apparently they were just lost and calling in for directions. Damn teases.

timenchanter had reason to be depressed, so I took him out to a nice dinner at Yuri.

And now I'm home, and finishing up watching "Godzilla - Final Wars". As I understand it, this was Toho's attempt to recover the Godzilla franchise after the American "Godzilla" disaster. Whatever, it's fun - it's a monster movie, so the fact that it's in Japanese isn't too much of a problem. The fact that I've seen the plot before in "Godzilla vs. Monster X" helps, too.

I'll be heading to the bar later, to see how Shameless is doing, and possibly talk to a few people about the New Year's Eve show, depending on who's there.

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