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Robots, Friday

OK, I've been trying to get to see this movie for a while - I will be seeing it Friday evening.  This is an invitation to anyone who is able to and would like to join in.  In this case, this would be anyone who reads my journal, and anyone they choose to tell.

The tentative plan is this:

Century 20 Oakridge, 8:35pm, 3/25/05

It has nice theaters, it happens to be convenient to the two people I have so far (Myself and timenchanter, of course), and it's right next to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory, where I'm planning to have dinner around 7:00pm.  Anyone who's interested is invited to that, as well.

If you're interested, either let me know, or just show up.  If you let me know, I can get tickets and a table reservation in advance.

If there's a funding problem, we can discuss that as well.

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