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Friends Good!

I spent the vast majority of today sitting and surfing. A little sleeping in there, too. On the "productive" side, I paid a few minor bills.

Mena came by to "pick up a few things." The next thing I knew, she was running huge amounts of water in the hall bath "just to wash her hair." As if I'd ever said that was OK. She also left the TV on in what had been her room.

And also left the front door ajar when she left. The perfect visit, in other words.

Being the non-confrontational schmuck that I am, I let all this happen - but at least I later texted her that (1) any future visits would be directly chaperoned, and (2) any of her stuff still here would be dumped in the back yard on or around January 1st.

Somewhere around 5ish this evening I finally got in the shower. That reduced the itching by quite a bit, and put me in a better mood.

But, of course, what really put me in a great mood was going and hanging out at the Hamptons. Especially since both wissavix (woo!) and princesskiti22 (squee!) came tonight. To the party, that is. Sadly, I wouldn't know otherwise.

We had a nice, medium-sized group that I'm not going to list, because I'll forget someone. Though it did include trivialt. And Ken, who is (quite unintentionally, I'm sure) getting me interested in Campari&tonic. It's great: Not only do I like it, but the chances of someone stealing your drink are near nil.

So I had the usual wonderful time hanging out with wonderful people, and of course feel much better for it.

And now I'm home.

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