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Theft Update

Mena came by today to pick up some baby clothes, and check into the losses.

First of all, she's apparently heard who it is that has the computer - some dumbass has been bragging about having hit the house. I should have it back in a day or so.

Second of all, there's a little more gone than we thought - and here's where it gets interesting. First of all, her car seat's gone. Second of all, she says she had some money in an envelope in a drawer in her room. Two drawers were pulled open, and the envelope is apparently missing.

Which pretty much narrows it down to Anisha and Dustin, the people that finally got me to the point of kicking her out. It's of course coincidental that Anisha has a baby...

But they're not the ones talking about having hit the house.

Also, timenchanter's door was open, his laptop was on, and the screen was shining out the doorway. One has to walk past his room to get to Mena's. Why the hell take the time to unhook and carry a tower case, when a laptop's just sitting there?

Eh, whatever. If I get the old tower back, I'll be reasonably satisfied. And while Mena doesn't ever expect to get her money back, likelihoods are that 'Nisha will be sporting some extra bruises shortly...

Welcome, my friends, to daily life on Seven Trees Blvd.

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