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The Morning After

As predicted, last night ended up being a fair amount of fun - for one thing, trivialt made an appearance for several hours, and could even be talked to once he lost the glazed look in his eye, and stopped muttering "consider yourself at home."

Paula had actually brought in 3 electric heaters, which would have made quite a difference, if running more than one of them hadn't done such a reliable job of blowing the circuit breakers in half the building. She's also doing her best to get someone in to repair the old gas heater again.

I guess there's extra pressure when you're freezing with the rest of us.

The rotation stayed relatively small all night - in fact I ran 7 rounds before closing somewhere around 1:45am. This at least meant that people got to sing, which is a good thing.

I managed to close down, talk to Paula, and get out of there by 2:30pm, then went and decompressed at the Mini Gourmet. I knew they at least had something resembling soup (Carrows is frequently out). Then home, and a lot more sleep.

Of the various things I've needed to get done today, I've managed, umm, let me think, oh yeah: none. Complete and utter veg. I'm not feeling particularly like I might be sick, anymore, but I do seem to want to sleep all the time.

Things could certainly be worse. I'll hopefully be getting myself up up soon, so I can prep something for intrusting's party tonight.

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