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Consciousness? Who needs Consciouness?

The vast majority of the last night and day have been spent sleeping.

I assume I'm fighting off the cold/flu thing everybody else has had. I keep on having minor sore throats that convert to slight stuffiness and back again. So far the regimen of Airborne plus additional vitamin C seems to be keeping things at a low level...

One way or another, I got myself cleaned and dressed, timenchanter made an extremely nice dinner of pork cutlets, yams, and salad, then I headed to the bar. And started pretty much on time. Not that anyone else did, particularly - the first round was 4 people.

And the last one of those was Timmie, arriving just barely in time.

But the crowd's picking up a bit, and the room isn't too unpleasantly cold (Paula actually bought a couple of heaters!), and I think, in the end, it's going to be a good night.

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