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Parties and Larceny

I spent most of the day today kinda futzing around - though I have done some work on the eBay stuff, spurred by a desire not to miss the holiday sales season.

Not much, but some.

I also procrastinated calling someone back about doing a Christmas party. I hate doing parties. It takes forever to warm people up, then you have to deal with all sorts of drunk bastards who want to sing the same song 15 times. But they do pay really well. Sigh. I'll call back tomorrow.

Then off to another fine evening at the Hamptons. It was a small group this time - cekyr0 and jeffercine, of course, but also raininroses, amor_ereptor, k_magic, intrusting, timenchanter, Ken, and a friend of Ken's named Huntley (I think). A small group, but we were, as usual, laughing all night.

I just got back to find my old keyboard on the step, and a pair of cheap speakers halfway through the doorway. Someone managed to lift a window out of its track, grabbed my old computer and a sandwich maker Timmie had left out in the kitchen, and then ran out the front door. That window has now been fixed (It had been propped ajar for an air conditioner, which apparently was less secure than I thought).

This isn't a huge loss, to tell the truth - if Timmie had left his laptop downstairs we'd be more disturbed. I'm a little worried about the data on that PC, though most likely it'll just get erased.

Never a dull moment at the HoD! I just wish they'd get around to foreclosing, so I could get out of here...

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