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Pirates and Crustaceans

Last night's show stayed pretty damn good until the end. Though I've got to get better at picking songs for poor Kacie.

It never exactly got crowded (I managed to shoehorn part of a 9th round in just before closing), but there were enough people there to keep it a party, and as some left, others came in to take their place.

Much drama could have happened, but didn't. bluize and Kristin came in for an hour or two, and Kristin (just barely) managed to edge me out in our traditional ass-swatting contest. And then there's the saga of the "straight" boy, which is not one that is mine to tell.

supersniffles helped me close up (as usual), then took off to watch her videos of large sweaty men. Despite the recently stocked larder, I opted to decompress at Carrows for a bit. There's something about the coffeeshop environment I find relaxing, for some reason.

Then some sleep. I was woken up at about 11:15am by a text message from timenchanter, inviting me to his lunch at ThepThai with wissavix. I wasn't going to pass that up (this is Krista we're talking about, after all), so I cleaned up as fast as I could. I somehow was only 10 minutes late. In my world, that's early.

I then ran a couple of errands, got my poor Escort's oil changed, and came home to make a couple of phone calls and crash for a bit.

Timmie and I then headed down to the Ocean Delight lobsterfest, which turned out to include myself, Timmie, blankreloaded, markobellydance, k_magic, and jeffercine. A great time, though I was a little chagrined to realize I was the only one that finished their plate. Oink.

I opted out of the after-party at the Hamptons because I was tired, so I've been at home fiddling on the net, instead. But sleep will follow shortly.

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