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I actually started last night's show pretty much on time. It's always nice when that happens...

Definitely a fun evening - not a huge crowd, but we did our best to make up for the number of people in noise and alcohol consumption. And I definitely mean "not a huge crowd". I ran for 9 rotations last night. Granted, I ran until 1:58am, but still.

Despite that, the bar made slightly more money than usual - go figure. Probably the presence of blankreloaded...

Which means I made more than the normal amount in tips, too.

After closing up, I went over to supersniffles's place, where she fed me ham, potatoes, and this most amazing cinnamon/caramel/praline ice cream. But then, I love cinnamon.

We watched the unsurprisingly silly It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, then, since we were on the subject of Muppets, we watched selections from the "making of" section of the Labyrinth DVD. This kept us going until well after 5:00am.

After groggily wending my way home, instead of going to sleep like a sane human being, I made a couple of phone calls, and started in on some of the stuff Dustin kind of left hanging. Then, well, stuff. I fell asleep a little after 10:00am, in the middle of a text conversation with Debbie.

I got back up at 3:00pm, so I could get ready for shopping with timenchanter. We did a reasonably complete Costco run, and now have an almost-full larder. What's most surprising is that we were both hungry, and managed to avoid most snack foods.

Then off to a night of suicide - with the slight addition of introducing dwo to the joys of the short bus. It's been a pretty good night so far. For one thing, tonight we have the fireplace going, so it's only frigid in here, as opposed to arctic...

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