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I crawled out of the house around 11:30pm Friday night, which turned out to actually be a good time. thebatt was covering the door for Heather, who was sick as a dog. Coughing up a storm, was poor Heather.

But it meant I got to discuss things with Jean for a bit, as well as start up a connection for future back-and-forth designing and maintaining her part of the KoC site. I was able to find and get something started with Michelle, as well, she being the person that's maintaining both the Nemesis MySpace page and its Tribes page.

I also sat in a bit on the planning for the New Year's Eve party. I'll have that up on the website shortly. It's a Sunday, but it won't be a karaoke night - lynxcat has some fairly intense plans for the evening. Should be fun.

Then a lot of talking with Paula. I didn't get out of there until about 4:00am.

Once home, I futzed around for a bit, bought a disc that kshandra is willing to reimburse me for, bought a couple more because, what the hell, I was there, started to write a response to her post requesting the disc - and fell asleep in my chair. At least I put the laptop down nicely before doing so...

I woke up around 10:00am and moved to my bed, in which I stayed rather firmly until 2:00pm, despite all attempts to get me up and ready for work at my parents'. Bad Brucie.

However, after timenchanter and I made it up there, we were able to get most of what we were planning to do done. Then we were fed sumptuously, as usual. What was unusual was that Timmie, by request, made the mashed potatoes. I think they're getting used to him (the parents, not the potatoes).

I also spent some time trying to do some more work on the website. I've installed the gallery and calendar modules - now I just need to figure out how the hell to make them work. This looks like it'll get complicated.

So I'm home, and randomly fiddling with web stuff, hoping I don't break any of it.

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