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Still... Eating...

Yesterday afternoon's family dinner was the usual amount of fun and good traditional food: Turkey and samosas. Yummy.

It was kind of amusing talking to Sruti, since she's doing the typical rebellious college freshman stuff. She showed me the tattoo that her parents disapprove of - after I showed her one of those my parents still don't know about.

And she's beginning to have enough ear piercings that she'll be topheavy shortly.

Meanwhile Jumi wants me to consider teaching community college, since "I get along so well with young people." I simply must get her a resume.

From there I drove down to the bar, trying to make it as close to 7:30pm as possible. Unfortunately Paula had figured that "starting at 8:30pm" meant she wouldn't get there until 8:30pm. So I did my best to keep the people we had in the parking lot entertained.

Apart from that one glitch, last night was a complete blast. We didn't have a huge crowd (in fact I did 5 rounds before closing down at 1:45am).

But the people we had were there to party.

Among the "unusual" attendees last night were misswong77, lilminxdynasty, kshandra, lysana, cekyr0 and jeffercine. All of those but the first two stayed all night.

Most of the people that stayed all night were pretty wasted by the end of it. But happy!

timenchanter elected to find himself a hotel room to sleep in. I drove Kirsten home past the people waiting in line at Circuit City, then drove home and crashed, fortunately in that order.

Today I made a concerted effort to get up early. An effort that should have been helped by the breakfast Timmie cooked.

But we still didn't make it up to the dome until almost 3:00pm.

Even so, we managed to sand all of the remaining railing between the two of us. Tomorrow we'll be working on the deck staircase.

After about an hour of sawdust removal, Mom served us, well, yesterday's meal. Fortunately it's still pretty damn good - even the leftover samosas.

And now I'm back home for a bit, trying to shake off the food coma before heading to the bar. I need to talk to thebatt and lynxcat about their representation on the website. Not to mention a bit of discussion with Paula about the whole "clearly telling people when the hours are different" thing.

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