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Two Down, Two To Go

Tuesday night was Thanksgiving dinner at the Gay Bar, with chef helios77 presiding. The turkey was extremely good. The stuffing was amazing.

And the company, as usual, was delectable. I don't get my cmjfoxfyre fix nearly often enough, not to mention a healthy helping of Shawn and gidget121972. Fun company, good night - timenchanter and I left late.

Then another long bout of that "sleep" thing. I didn't really get "up" until about 4:00pm, which meant I had to rush - I promised to get some supplies for Timmie at Costco. So I was the reason we were late to Dinner &: Cooking takes a little time, after all.

Still, we were only about half an hour late, and things were still being cooked at the Hamptons. There we had more good food, and of course, the usual great people. I won't list all of them because, well, I know I'll skip someone. I will mention that I unfortunately failed in keeping both princesskiti22 and wissavix from leaving, despite using my "unbreakable monster hug" technique. Granted, we still managed to keep Krista there until 3:00am or so, and we were somewhat willing to let Keri go, simply because she was driving on to Humboldt County, and we didn't want her falling asleep and crashing on the way.

Both Krista and I attempted to avoid Apples to Apples. She ended up filling in for Timmie for "a few minutes," and I ended up covering for jeffercine for the same. Those few minutes became around 2 hours or so. But hey, Krista ended up winning, with myself coming in second.

As we were driving home, Timmie and I realized we were somehow hungry, so after some discussion, we headed to Mini Gourmet for a late night snack. So I finally got a greasy spoon fix. It's been a while.

And now I'm waking up again, and need to get myself together and go to my parents' place for afternoon dinner, before I head back down to the bar for karaoke - and its spread. I'm-a gonna be completely useless tomorrow. Even more than usual.

In case it hasn't become obvious over time, what I'm most thankful for is my friends, who are simply the most wonderful people I've ever had a chance to meet, both the ones still here at the center of the world, and those scattered off to furrin parts (like NY, NZ, and all those other "new" places). As always, I hope every one of you is having a great time today, and will continue to have one every day from now on.

And if not, we'll just have to work on that, won't we?

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