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I Feel Like an Asshole

Why the hell is it that as soon as I manage to get people out of the house, either others start knocking on the door to take their place, or the originals show back up, asking to use the facilities?

When I decided that couch surfing just wasn't doing us any good, and got rid of the last one - I immediately had two different people "in need" that only wanted to use the couch for a few weeks.

timenchanter and I manage to reduce the place to just the two of us, where there's some breathing space for packing and cleaning up, and within a week someone needs emergency housing.

A previous tenant, having been kicked out, came back with a boyfriend the next day asking if "they could use the shower."

Now I have Mena trying to come over and either give Mellie baths, or do loads of laundry.

And each time I say "no," I feel like a grade-A jerk. Of course, then I remember what the house looked like before the grand procession of users came through...

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