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Last night's show went remarkably well. The presence of quite a number of excellent people helped that considerably...

In the end, I ran for seven rounds, which was amusing, since it was one less than the number timenchanter did on Sunday. I then took, it seemed, forever closing down. Out of practice, I guess.

The short bus dropped off misdev, synkitty, then finally Timmie and myself. Some sleep was had - though not the best. I passed out fully clothed in my chair, and stayed that way for 3-4 hours.

Then I crawled into bed, and apparently did further iniquities to my neck, which is still not happy with me. The joys of middle age.

And that's been about it. I did manage to get my first official Evite out last night during the show. I still need some practice with that. Not to mention a website interface for it. But today has been pretty much a matter of drowsing, if not outright snoring.

Speaking of which, I need to head off to the early T-day celebrations at the Gay Bar. Timmie was going to go with, but I can't seem to rouse him, which I normally interpret as "he really needs the sleep."

One last try and then off I go...

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