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Not Doing Windows

I went up to my parents' place yesterday to wash some windows.  Essentially, the tops of the windows at the front of the dome are too high to reach without a ladder, and they're both a little unsteady for that sort of work.

However, didn't happen.  The ladder I'd be using was out in the rain, and they didn't want it being dragged in.  Or they wanted an excuse for another visit in the near future.  One of those.

In any case, it was a pleasant, low-key visit, despite the argument over the nature of inductive vs. deductive logic.

Yes, I did come by my dorkdom naturally.

On the way back, picked up an already slightly toasty timenchanter, and headed off to Splash.  unbreak_able, yammylee, and rapp81 were there, so it was definite fun.

Then to Cardinal Lounge with Timmy for supper, then home, and the satisfaction of another unproductive day well finished!

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