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Going out with a Blast

turn2nz decided that last night would be a good time to have a major party. And it was quite a party. But first, I thought I'd include a last few pictures for the photography-hungry.

It rained fairly heavily most of the day yesterday, but as evening came on, it turned beautiful, and the birds came out on the lake.

These two pictures are of a pukeko, a relatively common native bird. It has an interesting habit of walking on the water lilies. Unfortunately, all those that did, did so behind various obstructions. So here's what ya get:

There are also quite a few black swans on the lake. Here's a quick shot of a mother and one of her cygnets:

The party, well, there were quite a few people there, most of them from Frida's work. I spent the first few hours being a bit of a wallflower, as usual. I mean, I had several abortive conversations, but nothing longer than about five exchanges.

As it started to thin out, I actually found people I had an interest in talking to. Heck, I even found a couple of women I could imagine being romantically interested in. Of course, one was married with a child, and the other had a long-term boyfriend that seemed an extremely good match for her.

And they're both in the middle of the freakin' pacific. Not to mention that I don't remember either of their names.

Whatever, I had a good time. But I really shouldn't have made myself that last screwdriver.

It was a fairly difficult night. Heck, it took me about two hours just to get the energy to stop kneeling by the bed, and crawl into it. And sleeping well was not on the agenda.

So I'm pretty tired right now, but don't really feel like I can afford to nap much - the flight home is coming up too soon. I may have to anyway...

In a few hours, I'll be making my way onto my flight home. And, after a 13 hour flight, I'll be home. This morning.

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