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Off In My Own Little World

I'm afraid I don't have any photos for today - Stuart may send me some of his that he's taken over the last few days, but that hasn't happened yet, and, well, they won't show places I haven't been.

The weather continues a bit iffy, with wind, cloud, and rain interspered with wind, sun, and high humidity. Stuart and I ventured forth at one point for some shopping, a trip that took us to the local mall - which looked remarkably like a small town covered mall.

As might have been obvious, I've been trying to get the KoC website together, since it's been far too long. I have timenchanter deputized to send me some info tonight. I'm also trying to update Google's entry on the place, and have been stymied by the fact that, honestly, I don't know what cards KoC takes.

It's almost like I hardly ever buy anything there, ya know?

On the exciting side of things, Stuart, turn2nz, and I will be venturing forth this evening to Sky City for dinner and, of all things, a showing of "Sweet Charity." I didn't see it in NY, and I didn't catch it and Molly in SJ, so I'm gonna see it with a Kiwi accent.

I won't take any pictures of the production, but I may see what I can do about the view from the Sky Tower. Though I doubt we'll be able to make it there before dark...

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