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I've been working on and off on the KoC website template. I have something I'm relatively happy with, which has been uploaded - you can check it out.

Except it's wrong. It won't pass basic validation. Why? Because I'm using the same method to give shape to the buttons that I've used to give shape to the background: A series of nested
s, each with a piece of the border, that allow one to flexibly and smoothly surround variable sized content.

And since an anchor is an inline element, it's incorrect for me to use a block-level element like a
within it. Which is, when you come down to it, incredibly stupid. As used, an anchor - at least the source variety - is not necessarily an inline element. It merely specifies a region of the page that's, well, clickable.

Which is probably why FireFox and IE let me go ahead and do it.

I unfortunately want to pass validation, if only because it makes it slightly more likely for the design to work cross-browser, as well as in future versions.

I also unfortunately do not want to simply use images for the anchors, even though "everyone is doing it," because it simply doesn't size well. I don't care too much if someone with a very high-res screen (Or terrible eyesight) can't make out my pretty borders. But I do care about them being able to read the link titles.

Sigh. I've tried various ways of solving this, with no success so far. I can, of course, use s rather than
s, but they wrap themselves around the text, so I can't use links of the same size. Inline elements don't take a width attribute, after all.

Though the does. Well, at least it passes validation with one. And works. There doesn't seem to be any hint of the attribute existing in the HTML 4 spec, however.

I can supposedly put an

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