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Nights Out and Markets

Last night, after the babysitter showed up, we wended our way to downtown Auckland, and spent a fine two hours watching a two-man improv show.

Parts of it were kinda scarily similar to CSz. It wasn't competitive, but it was divided into themed segments. Such as the one in which they alternated pairs of lines in a poem.

Then we had some food and sake at a nice little yakitori place next door. Stuart and I shared a reasonably large bottle of sake.

Frida drove us home.

Today, we went out to a local farmer's market type thing. Much fun looking at the stuff and the people. I of course provided bag carrying functions...

There are no photographs for today. Well, there are several of the group of us in the park next to the market, but those are on turn2nz's camera. Who knows when I'll get a hold of them.

Right at the moment, Stuart is busy BBQing up dinner. We're having the babysitter's mom over for dinner, because they got me to confess that she was kind of cute. I definitely expect to have an entertaining evening.

This may be the last post for a couple of days. Stuart and I will be traveling down to Rotorua tomorrow, spending the night, and coming back the next evening. While I'll bring the laptop, I likely won't find any connectivity. It's a hard life, etc, etc.

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