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Almost On My Way

I managed a little sleep last night. Not a huge amount, though. Most of the evening was spent procrastinating putting together the sales tax figures.

It didn't help that I was getting such a warm glow watching the election returns. While I can't say the California results are all that, the national ones feel like the lifting of a long nightmare. I can only hope the shadows lift all the way. A huge amount of damage has been done.

I eventually gave in and did them around 2am. I was finished by 4am (after discovering that the data I have from eBay is in 3 different formats), then managed to muck up my password at the BOE's efile site.

I had to wait for morning to talk to someone. It gave me an excuse to sleep for a few hours. I still screwed it up twice then. A little twired am I.

After that I tried to activate my new debit card. And apparently screwed that up, too. But all is good now.

I managed to get a few last-minute things done, like laundry, some bills paid, porn cleared off the laptop (you never know), and everyone's favorite: packing.

timenchanter came by right on time at 3pm. I was dressed and ready, grabbed my bags, walked down to the car, sat down, buckled in, unbuckled, went back up to my room, got my phone, back down to the car, buckled in, drove 200 yards, came back, got my belt clip for the phone, came back down...

At least this time I didn't lock my keys in my room.

By some miracle we actually got to SFO at about my planned time of 4pm. Of course, while there were some complications with check-in, they only added an extra 5 minutes or so.

Which has given me time to sit here and devour a Thai chicken pizza from Willow Street. Not bad at all.

Now to see if I can make it through security.

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