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Limping Along

First of all, let me say that last night's show was exceptionally good. We had a great crowd, and a lot of fun, involved people. Even with the lack of trivialt, we had fun.

Well, they had fun. I did too, though mostly I worked on keeping conscious. I assume it's stress, but for whatever reason, I just seem to be tired all the time.

Still, it was a great evening. I transported supersniffles to and fro, so she was there all night in her cute little skeleton party dress. The lovely valeriesparks made an appearance, leaving me a jack-o-lantern body soap pack. We actually talked for a bit, which was pleasantly unusual - normally there's just too many other things going on to take time to communicate, which is sad.

timenchanter was conspicuous by his absence, apparently due to a bad bout of food poisoning.

I actually didn't do too badly in song selections - there were a number of rejections, but not a huge number. My only complaint with myself is that I was a little too formulaic in my selections for dwo.

I finished up at around 1:45am, after 7 rounds. Apparently, the bar did quite well, so everyone was happy.

I took a little longer than usual to close down - as part of leaving things prepped for sugarbare and timenchanter, I winnowed out some envelopes from the slip boxes, so things aren't packed quite as ridiculously tightly. I also left a 3 page instruction sheet for the two of them - and have a copy here at home to give Timmie later.

Then I dropped off Cindi, dropped off synkitty, decided hunger trumped exhaustion, and so headed off to Cardinal Lounge. That actually woke me up a bit - at least well enough to make it back home and crawl into bed.

Today I woke up to find that Timmie was at work, but would appreciate some aspirin. After a mere two hours of fiddling, I finally made it out there and got it to him.

Then I grabbed some lunch at Colonel Lee's, bought some sundries for the trip, and headed home to procrastinate calling my mortgage company.

I'm apparently not in my best procrastinating form, since I actually called them. This accomplished two things. First, I know the place isn't in foreclosure yet. Second, I appeared to be successful in explaining to at least one person that even with title insurance, they're likely to lose out on the foreclosure (since the insurance is unlikely to pay them - I even dug up one of the emails discussing the lien with their agent back in 2004). We'll see how that goes.

I've also done some CSS research to see if I can do what I want to do with the KoC website. I think I can - though there are unfortunately several other tasks that preempt it.

I need to figure out and pay the FTB for collected sales tax - unfortunately, I need to do it by 10/31, so I'm going to have to find out what kind of penalties will be involved. I also need to find out what minimum of bills need to be paid to keep the house functional until I get back.

And first and foremost, I need to get some effin' sleep. Which I will proceed to do... now.

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