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The HoD Strikes Back

Last night's show was extremely cool. We had quite a decent crowd for a Sunday, in large part because of a birthday party for a girl named Cabell. If you were there, she was easy to identify: She was the one with the flourescent orange hair and flourescent green dress. She glowed enough under black light to cause retinal damage.

Her friends were mostly a bevy of young wome. They differentiated themselves from the usual type for this kind of group in that they were polite, understanding, and sang reasonably well. Since the rotation reached around 35 people at one point, I was really expecting one of them to get bitchy about the wait.

But there's more! The lovely and cuddly princesskiti22 came and spent the night. Only at the bar, unfortunately. Still, she did a very nice visual interpretation to accompany her version of "I Touch Myself."

entropyca and deekers came and spent several hours with their friend Heidi. David actually sang - and quite well, to boot.

trivialt graced us with his presence, as did qzar_mystik, flush from his stage experience at CSz.

A very good, relaxing, and fun night, culminating at 1:45am (the end of the 5th round) with supersniffles singing "The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun."

Meanwhile, back at the HoD...

mena_kissesoh1's "friends," Anisha and Dustin, decided to pay her a visit. She says they forced their way in, which does jibe with the broken from door lock.

Rather than calling 911, she "asked" them to leave. At some point. Apparently after the Dustin/'Nesha fight that put a large dent in an upstairs corridor wall.

So I've replaced the lock, and informed her that she needs to be out by Friday evening. I need to both write up her three-day notice and a note indicating that timenchanter is acting as my agent for all house-related matters.

I was really hoping to use that money to pay a bill. Such is life.

Otherwise, since no-one else is doing anything about it, I sat down and got a hosting site for Paula that's completely under her control, and pointed the DNS at it. Now I just need to put in some real content.

Then there's the sales tax form I just discovered was due on October 31st. And the equipment instructions I should write up for Timmie and sugarbare. They've decided that she'll do Thursdays, and he'll do Sundays&Mondays.

Much to do. Right now, though, I think I'll nap before I just fall over...

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