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timenchanter and I were nodding off at my parents' place, so they sent us back down the hill.

Where we perked up, with the help of our good friend Earl Grey. Timmie suggested he'd watch MirrorMask if I'd set up the monitor turn2nz and Stuart had left me.

About an hour of arrangement and connections later, I had it running. It's amazing how long simple things like that can take, but then, I had to move the center shelf in my desk - that thing is huge.

Which, granted, makes for fine movie watching.

Around 1:00am, Timmie went to bed, and I started to think about printing new books.

Now, there's been a slight sorting problem with the way I've been ordering the tracks. The vast majority of the time it works great, but in a few cases, some songs end up shifted off from where they should be.

So of course this had to be fixed before printing new books.

So I made the minor Db change, then proceeded to hand-edit 571 affected records. That took something like 4 hours.

Then an hour or so editing and debugging the PHP changes.

I think that's when I fell asleep for a bit. I know I woke up in my chair with the laptop still in my lap.

Then there's the actual book-printing and binding. That was a mere 6 hours.

Then a little under an hour of naptime.

So. I have only a tenuous grasp on consciousness. But dammit, I have 4 new books, 12 new update sheets, and a stack of slips to cut and leave for Timmie and sugarbare! Plus the online search works better!

I think tonight I may take advantage of our having energy drink on tap...

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