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Taxing Duties

I just finished one of my most important duties for the year - researching and filling out my ballot. I'll likely drop it off at the Registrar of Voters office this afternoon before CCF.

It's amazing how easy it is these days, especially with the help of Google. I'm used to being able to find lots of info on the major races and propositions, but some of the more obscure races have been hard to look into.

So I did some searches, read a few bios, and made my decisions. It took me maybe two hours.

So now I have the right to complain about the way the government is run for another year.

Meanwhile, I just realized that Ameriquest's hesitation in foreclosing means I'll almost certainly still be here when the December tax bill comes due. That's $1800 I don't have.

I believe the appropriate colloquialism is "fuck me."

But only if you're willing to pay at reasonable rates.

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