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Stuff Happened

In some ways, I haven't really slept since Wednesday. Except I have, in bits. I drowsed off and on in my chair through Thursday afternoon, when I finally took Wednesday's clothes off, and napped in the bed for about 2 hours.

For all that, I feel pretty good. Well, tired now, but that's not too surprising.

During all that semi-sleep, I paid a bill or two, did some more moon image processing, and watched MirrorMask. It's still an awesome film.

Oh, and a load of laundry. Can't forget the laundry.

I got myself going just a little late, picked up kshandra, then got a USPS email saying the last two discs had been delivered to the house. A quick call to mena_kissesoh1 verified that yes, there was a package. So I went home and picked it up.

What with all that, plus a certain amount of conversation, I didn't get the show started until around 8:50pm. There weren't a huge number of people there, so it wasn't too serious, but still, not good.

The first round built up quite rapidly. In fact, I was kept jumping for a while there. I started thinking it was going to be a really busy night until I had the time to look up - at a relatively empty room. Which actually then got more so. I'm hoping it's just a matter of Halloween burnout, because it just kind of fizzled.

Now those of us there had a damn good time, and as far as singing is concerned, I ran 6 rounds before closing at 1:45am, so everyone got multiple chances to get up, including trivialt.

After closing, myself, Kirsten, timenchanter, snafflekid, misdev, Colt, and supersniffles did a Denny's run, where we all had a good time talking, and Timmie had a good time molesting Kendall.

Then I drove Devon, Colt, and Kirsten home. When I signed up, I didn't know that they each were going to completely separate places. I also didn't take the time to map anything, which is why I ended up following Devon's idea of "efficient", which involved driving all the way down to Campbell, then back to northern San Jose, then back down to Kirsten's place at Almaden and Blossom Hill.

I gotta remember to check these things in the fute.. Then do the homework necessary to make it work reasonably well.

Meanwhile, the new discs have been entered into the database, and are available at the website. I'll have update sheets, and hopefully at least some new books, by Sunday.

I've also talked to Paula about doing something with the KoC website, since Dustin seems to have abandoned the idea. I need to talk to him about the present status, and start moving on that again.

But in the meantime, I think I'll try sleeping for a bit.

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