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Tuesday night, timenchanter and I grabbed some dinner at Red Robin, then headed over to Splash's Halloween party. It was... a party. Not a lot of people I knew there, and most of the entertainment was an... adequate drag show. I should have realized that would be their answer, since, well, ya know, Halloween, costumes, that sort of thing.

I had tried to get both Beth and Melanie to come down, but they both claimed illness. I suppose that's better on my ego than both claiming they had to wash the dog...

In any case, we spent a lot of the evening talking with Dave, mr_seed, and Eddie. And I spent a great deal of it enjoying a lot of the female population. The modern trend in women's costuming is a very positive one, in my book.

We headed home a little after midnight. Wednesday was largely spent sleeping, with some remarkably vivid dreams that, of course, I can't recall at all anymore. After Timmie got home - and napped - he and I made another run out for dinner, this time at the Cheesecake Factory. He wanted a spinach salad, and after some back-and-forth, was finally able to procure one.

Then home. I was thinking of heading to the bar, but I never got around to it - I've had no energy level at all today.

mena_kissesoh1 claims she has an apartment that she's moving into tomorrow. Or, um, later today. That would be a step in the right direction - and would also mean I could afford to start packing. This is a good thing. I seriously need to get prepared to move rapidly, should such become necessary. I gotta remember to start feeding the cats, too.

I also appear to have at least somewhat fixed Timmie's laptop, so it hooks up to my home network. It was the fairly simple matter of (1) fixing the connection entry, which had been changed to "manual" from "automatic", and (2) downloading and installing the latest copy of the network driver. We'll see how it does over time.

And I've been wasting a lot of time playing with pictures of the moon. I don't quite understand my interest in displaying moon phases, since I rarely look up, but there it is - and the one I have doesn't work properly.

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