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Round 'bout 2:00 timenchanter wanted to try again with the apartment cleaning thing.  Problem was I was in bed.  And it takes me forever to detach from my pillow.  I did make it there - at 5:00.  And, in truth, he cleaned while I sat and surfed.

We had what was supposed to have been a late lunch.  And then, fortunately after we finished eating, I was stuck on the phone with major house drama.  Well, it had been simmering for a while.  Mena is still having trouble ridding herself of her friend Anisha and Anisha's boyfriend Dustin.  She's beginning to think of it as karmic revenge for being a leech back when she was a druggie.

Meanwhile, John, one of "She"'s various lapdogs, showed up.  Fresh from San Quentin, and wanting a place to crash for a bit.  My favorite kind of person.  Well, he also wanted to get together with "She", and seemed to think if he camped out at my place, she would come.

Which, in fact, she did.  As in all cases involving "She", this muddled the situation, rather than ameliorating it.  She wouldn't tell John to go away, because this way she could use him as a form of revenge against Mena for having her friends over so much.  Meanwhile John started to try acting macho, which started Dustin acting macho back.  Apparently fights were narrowly averted multiple times.

I'd have Mena call me, "She" call during that time, then grab Mena's phone and take over.  Then Mena would get her phone back, and clandestinely call me from a different part of the house.

Then, fortunately, it all fizzled.  Anisha and Dustin took off.  "She" took off to Tony's.  John realized he couldn't follow "She", and wandered off his own way.  Mena locked all the doors.

So things were actually peaceful when I made it home.

Otherwise the show was, well, a show.  On the whole a low energy night, but with some definite positive aspects.  The best part of the night was discussing authors with supersniffles after the end of the show.

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