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Yesterday afternoon, timenchanter dragged me off kicking and screaming to repair the hall bath faucet, which has been leaking for several months. We actually got it done in relatively record time - only about 3 hours, and 3 trips to OSH. I'm used to minor plumbing problems taking much longer.

Then I prepped and headed off to the Sunday show, which turned out pretty well. It started slow: I didn't really have enough singers to start until 8:30pm, but it picked up nicely from there. Heather had said something about coming in costume, so I resurrected Cardinal Sin, and Timmie put his outfit back on.

When Heather later showed up in street clothes, Timmie sent her home to change. Fortunately she didn't redo the girly-girl outfit of Friday - that was truly scary.

It was another "comings and goings" night. We had a large number of people, but never at the same time. kozmic_tar came in early and left early. trivialt came in with the Natalie, Kevin, and Sundee group much later. valeriesparks and mr_seed spent a couple of hours.

Of course, there was also the all-night entertainment caused by friction between misdev's group and synkitty. As far as I could see, neither of them did a damn thing wrong. But they both kept on pushing each other's buttons. And I, of course, would then hear about it. Oy.

The aforementioned Natalie+ group came in costume. At one point Natalie was teasing me about not having a camera to record this, so I brought mine out:

Here is the ever-lovely Sundee, being, well, I don't know. Dark princess? Vamp? Hard to tell, but definitely sexy:

You can also see Vanessa in the background, in her catholic schoolgirl outfit.

Speaking of catholic schoolgirls, Natalie was looking even more edible than usual:

And filmbuf104 definitely enjoyed the same lap:

And they all had a good time dancing - here to Lady Marmalade:

So I definitely had a good time. Afterwards I had the joy of transporting both Synthia and Devon's crew home, though they were all behaving better by that point.

I grabbed some Jack-in-the-Box, headed home, and fell asleep in the driveway...

And mostly what I've been doing since then is semi-dozing. Just enough out of it to be unproductive, but not enough to get any rest. It's a skill I've got.

Now I need to get myself put together for tonight's show. Despite tomorrow's proximity, I think I'll forgo the costume thing this time...

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