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Yo Mama!

I was up yesterday at 8:30, which is near unheard-of, so I decided to have breakfast for a change.  Of course, I didn't get ready to go out until 11:00, but still...

Ended up at Baker's Square with timenchanter.  I was then theoretically supposed to go with Mena at 1:00  to her mother's place in beautiful East Palo Alto (I believe it's technically Menlo Park by about 100 yards, but trust me, it's East Palo Alto).  Initially I was just a little late, but it turned out Mena needed to do some emergency laundry anyway, so I went and waited in line at Costco for 20 minutes to get cheap gas, then went home to find my room key had popped off of my keyring.

So back to Timmy's place to get my spare room key.  He put it on a huge keychain in a Mickey Mouse effort to encourage me to remember to get a spare back to him...

Long boring story short, we headed out 3 hours late, grabbed a few groceries, then off to Mena's mom's.

An experience.  Mena's mom, her (quite attractive) sister Nellene, Mellie, Mena's son Samuel (8, I believe), and me, crowded into the front room of a tiny 1-bedroom apartment, watching The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.  I was mostly talking to Mena's mom, who was behaving remarkably sanely for the number of religious pamphlets, calendars, and posters around the place.

It was mostly fun, though I got really tired from having to project "normal" for that long.

Got home about 9:00, feeling worn out.  But Timmy wanted company while he cleaned his apartment.  Of course, "cleaned his apartment" was in this case a euphemism for "watching the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring".  Definitely a movie day.

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