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Bruce [userpic]

I got up "early" to take the car in for a major tuneup (Around 10:00), then had timenchanter drop by to take me to a fast lunch.  Unfortunately, Californians being what they are, it wasn't quite fast enough.  Traffic on the 87 was terrible for no good reason (It's raining!  I'm melting!  Must drive 25!), so he didn't have time to drive me home.  In fact, he didn't have time, period - ended up 15 minutes late getting back, and leaving me Fawkes until the evening.

So I gingerly drove Fawkes back to my place, dozed until 4:30, then went and picked him up.  Then picked up my Escort.  Then got a replacement lockbox and key, since the damn thing is missing again.  I also just ordered a combination lock for the front door.  I was thinking of it earlier, and while expensive, it should save me a lot in aggravation.

Then I went back to bed.  And slept.  And slept.  There were a few interruptions here and there, and I may have surfed for an hour here and there, but mostly, I just slept until this morning.  Weird.

Mena told me at one point she'd put Llorona in the garage.  I told her to get her out of there (Mario has a lot of expensive leather products in there, and the last thing I need is the chewing monster to discover them), and put her in the supposedly finished dog run.

Which I gather didn't hold.  I woke up for a few minutes to hear stormmonkey's voice calling "Llorona" in the distance.  I hate to say it, but at this point - oh well.  I just don't care anymore.  She has barely been home for two days, the damn mutt shat on the carpet yesterday, and I just seem to only have so much sympathy left.  If the dog's been put in the garage, I guess I'll have to roust it out, and go back to locking the garage for Mario's safety.

I suppose I originally started to lose sympathy when she was upset the dog was in her room, destroying her stuff - as opposed to in the main body of the house, destroying everyone else's stuff.  Yeah, pretty much at that point.

Mood: groggygroggy