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I have a fair amount I need to get done today. Actually, a lot of it I need to get done several weeks ago.

So I'm posting.

Last night's dinner_and was a wonderful time, as usual. Among other things, it was the first time I've been able to see wissavix since her return from down under. It was a fairly low key "hang out and talk" night, which was fine with me.

Though I ate way too much, as usual. My waistline didn't stand a chance against the guacamole, the fried green tomatoes, and the sheperd's pie.

The party petered out rather early - about 9:30-ish - as everyone seemed to be feeling kinda tired. So I headed on up to the bar. We still don't have entertainment set up for Wednesdays, so it was pretty damn slow. There were about 6 people there when I got there, which I gather was the height of the evening. Theoretically, thebatt is willing to help us out there - Dustin's supposed to talk to her about that today.

Anyway, I talked to Paula about the light situation, and in return got the remains of a Gator light to attempt to fix. I'm supposed to try to get that timer this afternoon. Which means I should probably try to find someone who has it in stock...

By about 1:00, the bar was myself, Paula, Eddie, and Lynette. Well, and Squirrel. But that made for some entertaining conversation, so it was far from a loss from my perspective.

Then back home, a lot of time-wasting, and some sleep. I now need to get myself moving.

Any minute now.

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