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So I just got home, stormmonkey isn't here, and that damned mutt is running loose in the house again!

I've left it there, despite the new damage and the artichoke it's rolling around.  I need to get up in a few hours and take the car in, anyway, and I'll find out what the hell happened.  Whether I need to kill Rachell, or if Rachell directly asked Mena to take care of it, and I need to kill Mena, instead.

I'm going to prevent myself from throwing it bodily in the backyard, independent of why it might escape this time.  I will, I swear.  Gotta remember, don't hate the dog, don't hate the dog, the dog isn't the problem, it's just unsupervised half the time AND LEFT TO WANDER MY FUCKING HOUSE!

I need to replace my carpet, I need to replace my blinds, I need to at least clean most of my furniture, half the bedding in the house has been shredded, it's torn off a section of molding, and the reaction I get is "Well, it's a puppy, and I have damage to my stuff too".  Like somehow any of that makes a damn bit of difference.

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