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Faire Days and Bar Nights

CCF Friday night was pleasant, if all too short. The attendees were myself, misswong77, entropyca, a coworker of Lucinda's whose name I couldn't get right, and dancin_whitey. We had a pleasantly low-key dinner, and I was about to be bad and get dessert when I got a phone call.

Paula hadn't been able to get the sound system to work, so she'd called James, and he called me. After running through every possible button and slider, I finally told them I'd be there as soon as I could.

So I dropped off some cash at the table, and headed to the bar as fast as I could.

A quick digression here, prompted by my experience getting into and exiting from the parking structure at Oakridge Mall that night: If you're the sort of person who will stop and wait for a family with strollers to take the 10-15 minutes or so you know they need to get in their car and leave, despite the fact you're blocking a line of cars that trails all the way out to the street, I hope, and I mean this most sincerely, that you will soon contract a painful wasting disease that makes it impossible for you to ever drive again.


I made it to the bar as reasonably rapidly as I could. Of course, five minutes before I got there, I got a call saying mr_seed had fixed the problem. The problem being (As I suspected), that the amps were off because neither Paula nor James had ever gotten the memo about the international power symbol, and thought the "O" meant "On". They weren't sure what the "I" meant...

So while I wasn't needed, I was there, and Janis was tending, and Apple was playing - so I stayed. And had a really good time just hanging out and talking. Apple only played so long, because we all discovered that a group was booked to play - "Shameless". Three extremely good DJs. And a pleasant little crowd of people. I gather they're now performing the second Friday of every month.

I didn't make it home until 1:30 or so, and got to sleep fairly rapidly through the magic of Nyquil. Then up again at 9:00, to try to get myself ready for a day at Northern Faire. As it turned out, Mel bailed on me (She did have a prior commitment - which I knew about - but I was hoping), and spawrhawk was going by separate transport, so I only needed to pick up Dustin (James (the other)). Still, it took me forever to get ready, largely because of items of garb I couldn't find or that sorta broke (I had to improvise a boot-horn just to get the boots I chose on). The need to find a store that carried the correct size replacement cane tip for my staff was rather a delay, too.

Still, after all that, I managed to get us to Faire by 1:00, which is 2 hours earlier than my usual.

I wandered with Dustin a bit, until he found enough old friends that he wandered off - about the same time we ran into Mikey, Rick, and Seth. And two girls I was introduced to whose names escape me, 'cause my memory sucks.

I ran into ajayav and thebatt. The latter is interested in putting something together for the bar, so I left her Paula's phone number.

So I wandered about with Mikey&Co. I helped convince Mikey to get a rather nice black wool cloak. In revenge, he helped convince me to get a new chemise and jerkin. Though the extremely attractive young blonde thing helping me with the laces didn't hurt. Unfortunately, the price hurt a lot. I know own another two pieces of extremely expensive clothing I will hardly ever wear.

But she certainly was cute.

In the end, Dustin got himself a faire job for today, so after closing I came back, grabbed some stuff at OSH, took a shower, put my new duds back on (I was going to wear them for more than 3 hours, dammit!), and headed to the bar. There was probably no single, good reason why I went. I was sort of hoping to work on the lighting a bit, but that was preempted by the fact that it was already busy. I'd kinda told sugarbare I'd go, and I did have some stuff to talk to Paula about.

Anyway, I hung out and talked again. Mostly to Dave and Carrie. Got into a really good one with Carrie, as a matter of fact. That was nice. Got to say hi to alphaba and mvmedic (who, typically, bought us all food from Jack-in-the-Box).

Got home about 1:00 to find a disc from my karaoke order. The other three are apparently back ordered, and I may have them by next Monday. Of course, the one I've got is the oddball, least important one - but I'll have it and fresh update sheets tomorrow night.

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